Eric Sepanski

Eric Sepanski

Board Member

Eric Sepanski is a consulting actuary at the Chelko Consulting Group, where he applies a quantitative lens to benefits analysis that helps clients provide accessible, best-in-class benefits to their employees. He is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries and holds a mathematics degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He has also led seminars at Pitt for the Actuarial Club to help shape and mentor the next generation of professionals. In addition to his corporate endeavors, Eric is an avid advocate for community engagement. Through his volunteer work with BikePGH and BikeECS, Eric has actively contributed to promoting biking to foster community inclusivity. As a board member for Brookline Teen Outreach, Eric channels his skills, passion, and community-oriented mindset into the organization’s vision of maximizing youth potential, building the community, and changing Pittsburgh for the better.



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