Tim Hindes

Tim Hindes

Board Member

Tim is a dynamic entrepreneur at the intersection of creativity, community, and connectivity. As CEO of TrailBlaze, he leads a diverse team dedicated to providing creative human capital and marketing solutions to mission-driven organizations across North America. With a strong background spanning sales, marketing, strategy, nonprofit administration, and more, Tim’s passion for communication and empathy was nurtured through experiences as an Eagle Scout and honed at Allegheny College. He holds certifications in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from the University of South Florida and human-centered design facilitation from the LUMA Institute.

In addition to his professional roles, Tim is deeply committed to giving back. He founded the ACORN Society, a charitable foundation supporting outdoor youth programs, and serves on the board of directors for Brookline Teen Outreach and the Carnegie Library of Homestead. Tim’s notable contributions include designing the Stronger Than Hate symbol and leading the EP Voices Campaign, which garnered national recognition. Tim has served as Executive Director of the University Economic Development Association, where he secured funding for the American Resilience and Equity Network Initiative, fostering region-to-region collaboration on resilience and equity issues. His active projects include creative advocacy, affordable homeownership, community building amidst chaos, and serving on the leadership team for the Great Lakes Economic Development Council amongst others.



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