At BTO, we believe that every behavior is a form of communication, and every encounter can be a therapeutic encounter. Therefore, we make it a point to see the need behind the behaviors. Many teens seek connection, safety, and healthy coping mechanisms. We develop innovative programs that are founded in counseling (CBT, TF-CBT, Adlerian, Person-Centered approaches) to serve each teen effectively on an individual and community level.

BTO creates an environment for teens to build positive relationships with peers and caring staff. They learn about themselves, communication, and problem-solving in relationships. Every interaction, no matter how small, fosters meaningful connections.

Many of these moments create positive and powerful experiences for the teens at BTO. They build their resilience, develop self-esteem, learn healthy communication skills, develop and maintain positive relationships, and move forward towards the goals they have for themselves. Their lives are transformed, and they often go forth to transform their families, schools, and communities. From a place of connection and safety, the lives of teens and the people in their spheres of influence are changed forever.


BTO Guiding Principles



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