Caitlin McNulty

Caitlin McNulty

Executive Director, Founder

Caitlin graduated from Duquesne University, hoping to use her role as a teacher to make an impact and support underrepresented youth. However, she came to realize that the current systems had limits to the services they could provide. She transitioned from teaching to working at external after-school programs, which further revealed how teens’ individual experiences shape their outlook on life. These experiences, in addition to research into child development and counseling theory, are the basis for BTO.

Determined to empower these youth, Caitlin founded Brookline Teen Outreach (BTO) in 2015 and opened the Brookline Blvd. location in 2016. To further the organization’s impact, she partnered her efforts with Diana Fischerkeller, founder of Compassionate Counseling, to provide in-house counseling to the community.

Caitlin also holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.



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