Brookline Teen Outreach strives to be a hub for community service in South Pittsburgh.  We want to give the community and our students every opportunity for change and growth.  We welcome service projects from all members of the community (residents, businesses, community based organizations, schools, etc.) so that we can make a difference together. 


Community Service bridges us to our community in Brookline, our city as a whole, and to the world at large.  Not only do acts of service benefit the community we serve, but they also help to build the character and work ethic of the students. Engagement with the community has proven to reduce crime, persuade other residents to become more involved in the community, and create a more positive area in which to live. 

Do you have a community service request or a great idea for how we can serve the community? 

Email us and let us know! 

We also facilitate Court Mandated Community Service Hours

”The current system as it has been designed at Brookline Teen Outreach (BTO) is to have a holistic approach, this includes teen offenders being involved in the events and serving their time in a manner that is relevant to their growth and betterment. [...]The difference in the set up and intake of this process is that instead of tasks being delegated to the offender, they get to choose from a list of tasks that need to be completed. Furthermore, in order to complete the mission of the organization, the teen offenders are afforded the same opportunities in terms of programming, counseling, and participation in events as the rest of the teens that attend BTO. The mission of Brookline Teen Outreach is to involve teen offenders and embed them into the activities and support system of the organization so that upon leaving, they can better themselves and their communities. Community service at BTO goes beyond the tasks that are mandated, but instead it’s an educational and cathartic opportunity to become a part of a living-learning environment.” - Intern at BTO

Brookline Teen Outreach, identification number 47-5537371, is a tax exempt, non-profit entity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)3.  The official registration and financial information for Brookline Teen Outreach may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State.  Registration does not imply endorsement. ​​

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