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Counseling services for Brookline Teen Outreach, are provided through a collaboration with Compassionate Counseling LLC. These services are provided by Masters preparing interns, from universities with a high reputation for counselor-training excellence. Compassionate Counseling provides guidance for interns specializing in teen and family counseling, using proven techniques to guide clients toward a positive future. 

Support to students, from counselors-in-training, is important to the overall well-being of our students. By providing counseling support within the context of a social setting, we have tapped into a unique and positive approach to the provision of mental health services, in a way that is effective and well-accepted by adolescent and young adult populations. Counseling support at Brookline Teen Outreach takes many forms, (e.g. one-on-one sessions, group) and is provided at Brookline Teen Outreach and at off-campus locations. 

Compassionate Counseling LLC is an organization who strives to provide client-centered counseling services in ways which uniquely overcome barriers to treatment, while emphasizing wellness and empathy. They support clients through therapist expertise, multicultural competence, inclusivity, and an attitude of welcoming sensitivity. 

Brookline Teen Outreach is also one of the few centers offering Adventure Based Programming (ABP).  ABP utilizes a hands-on approach with carefully designed activities, group initiatives, and outdoor  challenges to promote trust, communication, cooperation, creative problem solving, and personal responsibility.


For additional information, please visit the Compassionate Counseling website

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