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"One of the greatest dignities of humankind is that each successive generation is invested in the welfare of each new generation." - Mr. Rogers
Image by Anna Earl
College Students in Corridor


Volunteer Opportunities Directory

  • Cleaning

  • Community Outreach Partner

  • Community Service Site Coordinator

  • Events chaperone (off-site)

  • Events chaperone (on-site)

  • Fundraiser volunteer

  • Fundraising planning

  • Internships

  • Life Skills Facilitator

  • Office Assistant Teen Center Check-in/Manager

  • Tutor

  • To apply, please complete the volunteer registration form using the link below. 

           c/o Caitlin McNulty


           520 Brookline Blvd.

           Pittsburgh, PA 15226


We highly value the skills and enthusiasm that our interns bring to our program. We are always interviewing for internship candidates from at both the bachelor's and master's level in counseling, social work and education. Internships for other majors can be considered. Interns receive supervision and opportunities to attend workshops and conferences and well as be an integral part of growing and contributing to teen center programs and community initiatives. 

  • To apply, please complete the intern registration form using the link below. 

  • Applications for semesters are accepted during the following times only.

    • Summer internship - between Jan. 1 - March 1​ (Grad student deadline is April 10)

    • Fall internship - between May 1 - July 1

    • Spring internship - between Sept. 1 - Nov. 1

      • Graduate-level students applying for more than one semester should apply for internship for the first semester of fieldwork.​

           c/o Caitlin McNulty


           520 Brookline Blvd.

           Pittsburgh, PA 15226

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