Whether you’re looking to tackle the challenges in your education, look for a safe second home to grow in, or think about life beyond school, Brookline Teen Outreach is the place for you. We offer students ages 10 to 18 social-emotional toolkits consisting of free, high-quality educational support, fun and frequent social programming to build community, and licensed counseling and guidance to help you overcome obstacles.

We look at every student holistically and work to meet your individual needs, as everyone has their own unique background. Explore our opportunities below:

Our Methodology

BTO’s primary goal is to provide a safe space for students to engage and build social skills (boundary setting, expectations of respect, social interaction). In doing so, Students will find ways to relieve stress, engage in healthy coping strategies, develop supportive relationships, and have access to additional resources. Students will have opportunities to actively work through their presenting issues with other students and staff mentors. Thereby becoming more likely to successfully reach state-standardized benchmarks of learning success and build relationships with other students, with BTO Staff, and in the community. Over time, students’ overall mood and mindset will be positively impacted by spending time at BTO, and they will have gained problem-solving and coping skills that will serve them throughout their lives. A related goal is BTO’s intentional skill-building for resiliency and addressing unique student goals and needs. In our space, students actively learn how to be professional and the conditions of the workplace/real world to prepare for future success. This increases teamwork skills and abilities within a future workplace or professional environment. We have cultivated an atmosphere that fosters students’ ability to build relationships and connections with fellow students and BTO staff that may last a lifetime. In the long term, students are more likely to have the skills and network to succeed in their personal lives and career goals.

Educational Support

BTO provides tutoring and homework help, as well as STEM programming, access to computers, the arts, and life skills programming. BTO works to set students up for future success in significant ways and small ways. Cooking classes, sewing lessons, laundry instruction, and self-care tips are provided weekly. Seasonal workshops include financial readiness, mock interviewing, dance classes, yoga instruction, boxing, and home maintenance to promote self-reliance and maintain mind, body, and spirit. We also engage older teens in career counseling and workforce development training so that they are equipped to handle whatever path they choose post-high school and have the skills necessary to support their goals. Our experienced staff, interns, and volunteers provide free, high-quality support to meet a range of needs and interests.

Social Emotional Collaborative Learning

Our programming centers on the social-emotional learning of students while engaging them in their community. Every experience in our space is an opportunity to connect with friends and mentors to develop as individuals. Developing coping skills and building resiliency is a large part of our work and is woven throughout activities and interactions at BTO. Social-emotional education also provides students with the tools and support to navigate their internal and external world effectively and adaptively.

Structured Supportive Guidance

Staff, interns, and volunteers all have extensive experience as educators, social workers, counselors, or coaches, and they provide customized advice on a variety of topics to help students succeed. We provide customized advice on college admissions, grant opportunities, and financial readiness as well as basic resources. BTO is committed to serving students’ most basic needs. Youth are served nutritious snacks and meals daily, have unlimited access to clothing and hygiene products, and can make use of on-site laundry.

Community Supports (ADD)

We are proud hosts of Compassionate Counseling, which provides equitable licensed counseling services to all ages, and Brookline Together, a community advocacy organization. BTO also maintains a food pantry to address food insecurity and hygiene supply needs in our community.


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