Brookline Teen Outreach is a central hub for community service in South Pittsburgh, providing opportunities for change and growth to both the community and our students. We actively encourage participation in service projects from residents, businesses, community organizations, and schools, fostering collaborative efforts to make a meaningful impact together. Community service serves as a bridge connecting us to Brookline, our city, and the wider world. It not only benefits the communities we serve but also cultivates positive character traits and work ethics in our students. Engaging with the community has proven to reduce crime, inspire increased community involvement, and create a more positive living environment. If you have a community service request or a fantastic idea on how we can serve the community, we welcome your input!

In addition to providing volunteer opportunities in Brookline, we welcome students up to age 18 to our space who need to complete school-based and mandated community service hours. Please use the form below to get started.

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Brookline Teen Outreach community service


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