Social-Emotional Collaborative Learning

Programming is structured to benefit all the teenagers that walk through our doors. Brookline Teen Outreach offers enrichment activities in areas that reflect the interests of our group. This includes life skill building, health initiatives, writing programs, guest speakers from a wide range of disciplines, movie nights, youth produced activities, and much more.


In addition, we give teens the chance to access to the best educational and job training resources that our city has to offer, provide customized advice on college admissions and grant opportunities, as well as, providing information sessions on applying for loans and budgeting from specialists in the field.


Our team of experienced program coordinators works diligently to create new, and exciting programming that  reflects what is important to teens.  Moreover, we offer them a safe, free space to socialize and explore their  interests.


Socialization is one of the most important services we can provide to young people.  By providing a safe space with numerous opportunities for growth as well as fun, we are giving teens a way to stay away from negative influences in the community and give parents assurance of their children’s security.

Events include:

  • Games (pool, air hockey, foosball, etc)

  • Movie nights

  • Themed parties

  • Group study space


Dynamic Programming is crucial to student engagement and development.  Our goal is to provide programming that reflects student interests and is ever evolving.  Programming at Brookline Teen Outreach Center is provided by staff, as well as, outside contributors that are skilled in their field of expertise.


Life Skills are necessary for young people to succeed.  Life skills lessons are provided by staff, volunteers, and contracted individuals.

Examples of life skills sessions include:

  • Building a budget

  • Applying for student loans

  • Accessing grant money

  • College application preparation

  • Cooking skills

  • Sewing

  • Car mechanic basics

  • Setting up a bank account