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Candice, Parent

They really helped my preteen daughter socialize so much better. She's been through a considerable amount of trauma and had problems connecting but they've helped her come out of her shell and make some great friends.

Katie, Parent

This is a GREAT place for our community. It is a safe haven for kids to come hang out and learn self help skills they will use in real life. There are many different activities that go on up there. I know my son LOVES going there. Thank you for everything you guys do for our children!!!

Jenni, Parent

Wonderful place for teens to use as a resource in the community. My son completed his eagle scout project there with Caitlin and staff. I couldn't say enough kind things about this program and staff and so pleased they are in our community.

Amy, Parent

Many communities wish they had a place for their kids to gather for fun activities and community involvement that keeps them occupied and out of trouble. Brookline is blessed with just such a place. The kids - my son included - love to be there and their lives are being enriched along with the community because of their presence. 5 stars!

Amari, Student

"BTOC is a safe place to truly be yourself without judgment. It is a place to make friends and meet people with similar interests to yours. Not only is it a fantastic experience just to have something to do and somewhere to go, it also provides opportunities to help people within the community."

Shane, Student

"BTOC brings people together no matter who they are. When you step through the doors and meet people that are different from you and you get along with them, you learn, grow and become close."

Rob, Student

"BTOC taught me to see importance and value in every single person, including myself. Without the positive guiding influence of this group and its leader, I know without a doubt my life would not be in the positive place it is now.

Jayden, Student

I love it there. I've only been there for a few days and the staff are very nice,kind hearted and care for everyone. It's like a school where you can do whatever. You can have fun and just hang out with friends and even make new friends. This place is one of the best place I've ever been to and you should go to

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