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You are the reason we are here, and we think that the world can do a better job of helping you. BTOC offers a place to hang out, programs that have been suggested by teens, opportunities for community service, free tutoring, and access to counseling.  You can just hang out, be a part of it all, or something in between.

What to expect:

Every day we have  a variety of activities to choose from including art, STEM, homework help, video games, activities like pool and basketball which are open to use in a variety of ways.  We also offer snack and dinner daily.  We also host several focused groups throughout the week including cooking class, guys group, girls group, LGBTQIA+ group, and many more. There is no cost to use the space, but you do have to register.

For program details, click HERE.


The first time you visit the center, you will need to register.  Registration is done online at the front desk and takes about 10-15 minutes.  Registration includes entering information about yourself, emergency contact info, and whether or not you have any allergies or conditions that we need to watch out for to keep you safe. When you enter we also ask to take your temperature, have you wash you hands, put on a mask (required even if you are vaccinated), and answer COVID exposure related  questions.  We also have a STRICT no weapons' and no illegal substances policy.  This includes e-cigarettes and tobacco products since the youth we serve are minors.  We will ask if you have any such items when you enter. If you have them, you can surrender them or will be asked to leave.  


Our rules center on RESPECT - respect for yourself, respect for ALL others, respect for the space.

Our center uses a three warning system to give you a chance to improve your actions.  

Warning 1:  You’ll be reminded of the rule and asked to stop.

Warning 2: You’ll be reminded that this is your second warning and that next warning is your last.

Warning 3: You’ll be reminded that this is your last warning and that it's to leave for the night and cannot return until the next open day


.Behaviors that warrant a warning:

•    Horseplay
•    Bullying
•    Disrespect of anyone in the space (language, behavior, etc.)    
•    Throwing supplies around the space
•    Destructive Behavior
•    Excessive PDA (sitting on each other, making out) 
•    Entering spaces that are off limits
•    Not allowing others to participate 
•    Repeatedly going in and out of the building - if you are outside, it is for programming only and two staff must be present 


Behaviors that will IMMEDIATELY get you kicked out of BTO:

  • Three warnings

  • Possessing drugs of any kind

  • Physical altercations

  • Smoking or vaping


Be inspired to innovate..png

We are bringing the best of BTO to you!  Join us for weekly games, groups, and activities from home.

Virtual BTO is a lot like BTO in person.  It's a space to socialize, learn, create, share, and experience. This space is set up so that you can work through projects on your own AND have real time experiences with staff and other students.  



Not sure what's going on at BTOC?

Take a look at our calendar or search for events here.

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