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What We Do

Whether you’re looking to tackle the challenges in your education, look for a safe second home to grow in, or think about life beyond school, Brookline Teen Outreach is the place for you. We offer students ages 10 to 18 social-emotional toolkits consisting of free, high-quality educational support, fun and frequent social programming to build community, and licensed counseling and guidance to help you overcome obstacles.

We look at every student holistically and work to meet your individual needs, as everyone has their own unique background. Explore our opportunities below:

Educational Support
We deliver a variety of STEM, art, humanities, and lifestyle programs to the underserved youth in South Pittsburgh. Our experienced educators and interns volunteer to provide free, high-quality support, including 1-on-1 tutoring and subject/demographic-specific programs.
Explore our educational support programs >>

Social Emotional Collaborative Learning
Our programming is founded on the social emotional learning of students while engaging them in their community. Every experience, including after-school snack and dinner, is an opportunity to connect with friends and mentors to develop as individuals.
Explore our social emotional programming >>

Professional Guidance

Staff, interns and volunteers all have extensive experience as educators, social workers, counselors, or coaches. We provide customized advice on college admissions, grant opportunities, and information sessions on budgeting and applying for loans to help you succeed.

Explore our professional and higher education resources >>

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